JaBaDaBaDo is a Swedish design company that designs children’s wooden toys, nursery / kids` room furniture and decorations. Combining Scandinavian design with a fun & playful heart with unique patterns & contemporary colors.
The JaBaDaBaDo philosophy continues to be based on one core concept; to design high quality & fun products that support children’s development, playfulness & imagination, bringing a sense of fun & happiness into their little magic world.
The products are created with great passion and innovation in order for them to be fun and functional, have exciting shapes and innovative patterns.

Note From the Designers

Jabadabado was born out of unemployment, when in the 90s`financial crisis in Sweden I lost my job as interior designer. While searching for new jobs, I started to design and make wooden toys just for fun. My first creation was a rocking horse for my best friend’s baby shower and soon with praised from whoever saw my work I began to think I could start a business out of passion.
Together with my husband Calle, who shared my passion for toys and design, the hobby soon became a small business. Calle had always dreamt of having his own toy store and together we decided to make our dreams come true.
Initially we designed and hand made our ideas but skip forward to today and out products are manufactured in over 20 different factories, most of which have been with us since the beginning.
To me the expression “Jabadabado” represents happiness. With our products, we want to share love and happiness among children and therefore I felt an expression for happiness is just the right name for our business”. Eva Eliasson
Since then, we have successfully combined our passion for playful design with high quality and the assortment now comprises a wide selection of toys nursery decorations and party supplies.
Despite our growth, our playfulness and informal way of expressing ourselves stay the same. Our design philosophy continues to be based on our core concept; good function, exciting shapes, innovative patterns and gorgeous colors that bring happiness.

It’s not a coincidence that we started to design toys, since we have been and always will be playful and young at heart!


Quality is our top priority. We are proud to value quality in everything we do. We want to go against the throwaway trend toys. That is why all our products are produced with carefully selected materials of the highest quality. So they can become personal little treasures that will last and be loved and cherished generation after generation.
With making toys and decorations for children comes great responsibility. We put high demands on our suppliers and on the production to ensure we comply with current safety standards. When you buy any of our products you can always be certain it has been manufactured and tested according to current European regulations and standards.
Design is our passion. Our design is timeless and playful with a focus on functionality. With lively colours and soft pastels, innovative and exciting patterns and shapes we have everything needed to create a stylish and happy kid´s room ready for some fun. We are also known for our beautiful and stylish packaging making our products lovely gifts, equally fun to give and to get.
Our most important task is to design and develop products that encourage children’s imagination and desire to play. A child’s imagination knows few boundaries and fuelling it is one of the most important thing we can do. Children’s ability to create their own magic world is our greatest source of inspiration and we have many small young reviewers that test and approve our products. Children’s smile and laughter while playing with our toys is the best recognition we can ever get.