We believe every parent is particular about what his or her child plays with.
We all want products that are useful, inspiring, safe and sustainable. oskar&ellen, work with the aim to provide an innovative and fun range of soft fabric toys to encourage a child’s imagination as well as learning through pretend play. We are known for our high quality products, individually made with unrivaled attention to detail. This craftmanship and high quality of the product make it last for a long time. We are proud to work with the same small studios for almost twenty years as this long term relationship provides security and stability for the workers in Manila.

Note from the Designer

Besides creating designs that I hope will encourage fun interactive play, it is important for us to work with suppliers in an ethical and mutual respectful way. We love to visit the studios. I lived in the Philippines for four years and also gave birth to our son there, so the country and its people have a very special place in my heart. The Philippine people are warm and friendly.
am certain this reflects in our product”. They are made with heart, pride, plenty of skill and human dignity, says Petra Jinglov

From Idea to Finished Product

All products are handmade (hand sewn and by sewing machines) in Manila, the Philippines. The production cycle of making an oskar&ellen product involves over 100 steps from product design, and the production of sewing each item (some bags include over 15 different kinds of fabric). Once the product is finished it has passed through several quality controls and been washed four times.
It is a long journey from the drawing table in Sweden to the hands-on work in Manila until the product reaches the customer and ultimately the final destination in a child’s hands.
The Philippine people are cheerful and warm and greet everyone with a smile. We believe their positive attitude is reflected in our products. They are made with heart, pride, plenty of skill and human dignity.