Dantoy has been developing and manufacturing quality toys in Denmark for more than 50 years ith a mission to be the world’s leading sustainable producer of toys, the DanToy products bring joy and long lasting education/ imaginative play experiences to children and their families through the “dantoy-play”. 

DanToy consists of 8 categories being Bio Plastic, Blue Marine, Green Bean, Tiny Bio, Green Garden, My Little Princess, Thorbjorn and Classic Line

BioPlastic- 90% biobased • 100% recyclable • 100% renewable raw material. Made from residual from sugarcane production
Our line of BIO toys are suited for play indoors as well as outdoors in all kinds of weather – including rain, snow and sunny trips to the beach.
Quality and durability are in abundance, but with green BIO materials, dantoy takes a step closer to green production and a better, more sensible environmental perspective. Our BIO line bears the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and meets the most stringent Global requirements for toys. 

Blue Marine Toys- Recycled plastic derived from marine gear such as nets, trawls and ropes. These residual materials are transformed into toys. Using the recycled gear is a preventive action against fishing and marine gear ending in the oceans. The Blue Marine range encourages playing with sand and water in the great outdoors , in the very nature that we must care for and protect. With Blue Marine Toys, dantoy is making a sustainable, preventative move towards protecting nature. 

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

In 2010 DanToy were the world’s first toys to be licensed for The Nordic Swan Ecolabel in 1989. Nordic Ecolabelling works to reduce the environmental impact from production and consumption of goods with the aid of there logo. This makes it easy for consumers and professional buyers to choose the environmentally best goods and services.

Take Back Project

DanToy has recently introduced a new project called Take Back. This focuses on a process which controls energy, water and raw material consumption to make the environment healthier. They achieve this by using bioplastic within their toys to reduce the amount of C02 emissions produced into the environment.