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Are you ready to start your very own veterinary clinic?

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Vets bag with magnetic closure from Jabadabado has wooden accessorises.

This equipped veterinary bag with magnetic closure from Jabadabado has all the right wooden tools to save your beloved animals and cuddly toys in need. Listen to the heart with the stethoscope, take the temperature with the thermometer or give vaccinations with the syringe and make sure your animals get the very best care. This content-rich bag is perfect for imaginative play and for children to learn about care and empathy. The bag is also perfect for role play.

The vet bag contains: 1x Bag with magnetic closure

1x Stethoscope

1x Neck cone

1x Syringe

1x Reflex hammer

1x Thermometer

1x Tube with ointment

1x Veterinary hat

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